“Unimpeded Intuition”

Comments from Carolee Campbell, Ninja Press

I want to reiterate the emphasis on the investigative aspect of making books as art. Given that one brings a high level of technical skill to the process, as any musician or dancer would, the thrill of exploration is at the heart of the work. If “poetry is the discovery of a sound which arises out of unimpeded listening” (Nathaniel Tarn) then, taking that sound, giving it a three dimensional tactility using unimpeded intuition, becomes the process. For me, the process is as important as the product. I’ll introduce the product into the marketplace later. That is why I wrestled with some of the original questions put to us.

Response from Macy Chadwick, In Cahoots Press

I whole heartedly agree with Carolee that the process is where the magic is. Never am I more inspired or engaged as when I am creating a book at the press. Where are these images taking me? What is this concept really about and how can I find the words to communicate this message both to me and to the viewer? It is this process, this struggle sometimes, that truly makes printing artist’s books an act of art making.


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