Cuneiform Press

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Cuneiform began in 2000 with the publication of Luisa Giugliano’s Chapter in a Day Finch Journal. Although I acquired my first letterpress in 1997, this was the first book to bear the press’ imprint (an homage to Armand Schwerner). Cuneiform continues to produce fine press editions, artists’ books, trade editions, and books about books from time to time. Recent titles include works by Bill Berkson, Gregg Biglieri, Robert Creeley, Johanna Drucker, Gil Ott, Craig Dworkin, Alan Loney, and Ron Silliman.

My primary interest is in the intersection of stunning writing and the possibility of the book as a structure. Cuneiform does not ascribe to any particular school or canon, and remains committed to publishing enduring (and ephemeral) works that negotiate critical imagination and poetic license. I hope to maintain a zeal for experimentation and fascination with the intersection of meaning and form with each publication.

Locally, I offer instruction in letterpress printing, the history and art of the book, and frequently work in conjunction with other printers, publishers, poets, and literary organizations. I believe that the independent press is the only way the face of literature has, or will ever, change. For more information about the press, please visit our helplessly retro website

Kyle Schlesinger
Brooklyn, NY — 11.07.07

A sampling of Cuneiform Books (click on any image for a larger view)









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